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Influencers in Action Photo Contest

Influencers In Action Photo Contest

We’re excited to share a new contest for our Network influencers. As we launch our new website we want to highlight your work, in action!  Winners will have their photos featured on our newly launching website. Photos selected will be featured on our homepage and throughout the website with name of influencer, blog name, and Twitter […]


Join us for #SneakerJam15 Twitter Party!

Do you remember when Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik by Outkast was the summer’s hottest song? Outkast rapped about “sippin’ on Martell.” It was 1994, the year that the Nike IX’s were the hottest sneaker, or “kicks” out there.  Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, and Nike had already teamed up for the Is It The Shoes? commercial. For many years, sneakers, music, and cocktails have […]

Ring Imge

Q&A with Denene Millner: Her Co-Authored Novel Became a Lifetime TV Movie! #WithThisRing

Lifetime TV is set to bring “With this Ring” to the small screen starring Jill Scott, Regina King, Eve Jeffers. It’s based on “The Vow,” a novel co-authored by Ebony Magazine Editor-In-Chief Mitzi Miller,’s Angela Burton-Murray and’s Denene Millner.  In the book and TV film, three friends feel the pressure to race down […]

Community Milestones 2

2014 Milestones for the Niche Parent Community

What a whirlwind year we’ve had with our Niche Parent Community Members. Even before our #NicheParent14 Conference at Walt Disney World, we had plenty of opportunities to connect with each other and family-friendly brands.  We’re looking forward to 2015 with even more opportunities for our 1,400+ digital parents to connect with each other and brands. Be […]

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Featured July Blog Prompts

31 Blog Post Prompts for July

Time flies when you’re keeping a blogging calendar full. Are you looking for ideas to generate more views and shares this summer?  Here are 31 Blog Post Prompts for July that can help you get inspired to create more content. You may be surprised to see how many unusual holidays you can celebrate this summer […]

Sponsored Post - Featured

How to Pitch Back for a Sponsored Post

One of the biggest gripes for influencers are PR or brand pitches they receive that sound a lot like a sponsored post, but don’t include any compensation. Maybe the brand requests a designated number of social shares, a blog post deadline or wants to review your post BEFORE you publish. A courteous and detailed email reply can get […]

Media Interviews for Bloggers

Media Interviews for Bloggers: Show Your Expertise & Weigh In on Hot Topics

There’s a trend you’ll see in newspapers, radio shows and even major media outlets like HLN and CNN. They’re all interviewing bloggers! Major media organizations consider bloggers experts and they also reach out for bloggers to weigh-in on the hottest topics.  Below you’ll read several examples of Niche Parent Community members who landed media interviews without […]

Great Local Blog Content

How to Get Great Local Blog Content

One of the best ways to build an audience is to create great local blog content. Your first readers are usually your friends and family. But you can easily expand your audience and get loal PR representatives to recognize your blog. Here’s how to find the content,  make the connections you need and get your […]

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