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Join us for #SneakerJam15 Twitter Party!

Do you remember when Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik by Outkast was the summer’s hottest song? Outkast rapped about “sippin’ on Martell.” It was 1994, the year that the Nike IX’s were the hottest sneaker, or “kicks” out there.  Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, and Nike had already teamed up for the Is It The Shoes? commercial. For many years, sneakers, music, and cocktails have […]

Ring Imge

Q&A with Denene Millner: Her Co-Authored Novel Became a Lifetime TV Movie! #WithThisRing

Lifetime TV is set to bring “With this Ring” to the small screen starring Jill Scott, Regina King, Eve Jeffers. It’s based on “The Vow,” a novel co-authored by Ebony Magazine Editor-In-Chief Mitzi Miller,’s Angela Burton-Murray and’s Denene Millner.  In the book and TV film, three friends feel the pressure to race down […]

Community Milestones 2

2014 Milestones for the Niche Parent Community

What a whirlwind year we’ve had with our Niche Parent Community Members. Even before our #NicheParent14 Conference at Walt Disney World, we had plenty of opportunities to connect with each other and family-friendly brands.  We’re looking forward to 2015 with even more opportunities for our 1,400+ digital parents to connect with each other and brands. Be […]

Weekend Recap of #ElfBirthday Events in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York

Weekend Recap of #ElfBirthday Events in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York

Niche Parent proudly presented a weekend of blogger meet-up events in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York Saturday, August 9th featuring the family behind The Elf of the Shelf traditions. Influencers learned how one Georgia family’s Christmas tradition launched in 2004, then expanded across the world to include The Elf of the Shelf: A Birthday […]

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Blogging & Social Media

Daily Twitter Strategy

60 Minute Daily Twitter Strategy to Gain Followers

A Niche Parent Community Member recently asked for help organically gaining Twitter followers because she knew some brands would like bloggers to have a larger following for consideration for some campaigns.  One of the best ways to gain followers is to have a dedicated daily Twitter strategy. You can do it in as little as 60 […]

Brand Ambassadors

New Trends for Brand Ambassadors

  Blogger and brand ambassadorships are a win-win for both parties. What better way to promote a brand or product than with an online influencer to assist with marketing efforts? One of the most coveted positions for bloggers is to land an ambassadorship with a brand or company. In return for compensation, bloggers can agree […]

Podcasts for Bloggers

Best Podcasts for Bloggers of All Niches

One of the easiest ways to stay up-to-date on the ever changing world of social media is to listen to podcasts. Not only will you easily get the latest news on social media, but also  an in-depth look to related marketing trends, entrepreneurship advice, and tips that can help guide you in growing your online communities, marketing your […]

Blogger Burnout

Blogger Burnout: How to Bounce Back!

As bloggers, you’re expected to juggle a lot of demand like replying to emails from viewers and brands, responding to pitches, creating crafts and recipes, participating in blogging groups, while creating and promoting your own content. Add this to a plate full of family demands and you may find yourself battling blogger burnout. Blogger Burnout […]

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