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Speaker Spotlight V

Closing Keynote from T-Mobile, Fight Cyberbullying and Know Your Numbers: Speaker Spotlight V

We’re are just a few weeks away from The Niche Parent 14 Conference and here’s another glimpse at the speakers and groundbreaking topics they’ll cover. Don’t forget to check out the updated agenda and Disney events. Our closing keynote speaker is a T-Mobile executive who will give us a glimpse into the future of mobile. […]

Master Collaborations, Do-It-Yourself PR and Pinterest: #NicheParent14 Speaker Spotlight ~

New Keynote, Master Collaborations, Do-It-Yourself PR and Pinterest: Speaker Spotlight IV

Bloggers can see exponential growth by collaborating on projects, creating a do-it-yourself PR plan and using Pinterest as a major traffic source. This next group of Niche Parent 14 Conference Speakers is ready to give you the essentials on these topics. Morning Keynote Speaker TV/Radio Host & Author: Alberto Sardiñas, @albertosardinas Alberto Sardiñas is the Host […]

Niche Parent Motherhood Monetizing Pinterest

Learn to Juggle Motherhood, Monetizing and Dominating Pinterest: Speaker Spotlight III

The next speaker spotlight features ladies who are all pros at how to juggle motherhood, while monetizing their brand with products, events, writing and consulting. Click to tweet: Don’t miss #NicheParent14 speakers on Pinterest, Monetizing and Motherhood! Panel: Tips on Becoming a Successful Mompreneur  Julie Cole, @JulieCole Julie is a mother of six and co-founding V.P.  of […]

Niche Parent Podcast Content Sponsor Spotlight

Hear Inspirational Keynote, How to Produce Podcasts and Create Content Easily: Speaker Spotlight III

This next speaker spotlight includes a mix of conference sponsors, as well as pros at creating content easily and producing podcasts. Afternoon Keynote Luncheon Speakers Painting with a Twist Co-Founders: Renee Maloney & Cathy Deano, @pwatcorporate Takeaway: Learn their lessons on partnership, franchising and re-branding. Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano are a franchise success story […]

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Blogging & Social Media

Blogger Campaign Report

3 Key Components of a Blogger Campaign Report

You’ve published a great review/giveaway or sponsored post with your best photography skills, you promoted the post and got great comments. What’s next? Send the brand, agency or PR representative more than just a link to your post and the winner’s mailing address. Consider creating a blogger campaign report. Here are three key components to […]

5 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster ~

5 Ways to Write Blog Posts Faster

The time will come when your editorial calendar is full and you feel like there’s not enough time to create content for your blog. Sponsored post deadlines are looming. Your review items need attention. As busy parents, you don’t want to lose sleep in the pursuit of blogging by pulling an “all nighter” like you […]

6 Focus Areas for Your Annual Blog Review ~

6 Focus Areas for Your Annual Blog Review

As you look ahead to the New Year, it’s the perfect time to give yourself an annual blog review. Much like in any workplace, the end of the year is a good time to review what strategies worked and didn’t work. For your blog,  this will mean spending some time assessing the growth of your […]

Blog for Social Good

How to Use Your Blog for Social Good

  As the year comes to a close and we move towards the holiday season, there’s plenty to be thankful for.  As influencers we are invited to amazing events and conferences, we get to review innovative products and take part in Niche Parent sponsored campaigns. This is also the season to think about  how to […]

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